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Why Flashback Photobooths?
Easy, we use the very best photo booths available! Flashback Photobooths will set you up with a vintage, retro-style photo booth that guests will fall in love with instantly. The nostalgia and charm of an authentic photo booth simply cannot be matched by any home-made pipe & drape or plywood imitator.

How many people fit inside?
2-3 people will fit comfortably inside. The beauty of an authentic photo booth is that it doesn't just take a picture, it captures the intimacy of the moment! Squeezing in tight with loved ones is half the fun and makes for the best, most personal images. We prefer to leave the portraits up to professional photographers. : )

What will I have to do when I rent a booth?
Nothing! We deliver the booth, ensure it runs properly throughout the event, and pack it up when it’s time to leave.

What is the photo guest-book option?
With this option we will provide a high quality leather bound American Crafts album and assist your guests in filling its pages with pictures and personal notes. It's a unique new take on the traditional guest-book.

So who is going to put the guest-book together?
We’ve got that handled too! Our friendly attendant will have a table set up with writing and scrap-booking materials for your guests to use and assist them in the process.

Are the pictures color or black and white?
The touch-screen displays the option of both color and black & white to those in the photo booth, but we can set it up to do one or the other all night. The choice is yours: color, b&w, or both!

How many pictures are taken at a time?
Six pictures will be taken for each print-out. Voice and visual instructions will let you know when to pose it up!

How long does it take for the pictures to print?
Not long at all. Once the pictures are taken and processed they will print in 10 seconds!

How do the pictures look?
Simply put the pictures are amazing. The clarity, the lighting, the print quality... Whether your guests choose color or b&w, they will be very impressed with the image quality.

Is there a limit to the number of pictures my guests can take?
There is no set limit on the amount of pictures taken, we expect and encourage your guests to enjoy the photo booth during the entire event.

How soon should I reserve a booth?
The sooner the better! We book up quickly so scheduling early is always a good idea. You can call our toll-free number or fill out the information request online.

What is needed to book a photobooth?
A reservation fee of $100 (non-refundable) and a signed contract is needed to secure a rental. The reservation fee is then deducted from your total cost.

Is there any venue that is inaccessible for Flashback Photobooths?
As long as the venue is handicap accessible we can be there. The photobooth cannot be transported by stairs.

How big is the photobooth?
6’2’’ Tall, 2’6’’ wide, and 4’9’’ long. It weighs in at 770lbs.

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