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Thank you for visiting our photo booth comparison page! Hopefully the information here is informative and helpful with your research and decision making process. In full disclosure we are of course particular to the charms and benefits of the vintage digital models but will be happy to offer our help and expertise regardless of your preference or choice of photo booth style. Call or email anytime!

The classic dip & dunk photo booths are arguably the most iconic and beloved photo booths in American history. These are the machines our parents and grand parents grew up with and often share fond memories of using. Created in the early 1900’s as an affordable and easy way to make self-portraits the photo booth has since held a long and well regarded position in American pop culture. Unfortunately with the advent of digital photography in the last few decades fewer and fewer of the original dip & dunk photo booths remain in service.

The most popular of the dip & dunk photo booths takes four photos with flash and delivers them as a single strip of black & white images. A series of chemical and water baths is used to develop a specialized photo paper and in approximately 3-5 minutes the photos are ready for eagerly awaiting users. Because of the nature of this system no negatives are created and each photo is a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

These traditional dip & dunk photo booths are still available as rentals though a bit harder to find- The rental cost also tends to be higher than other options due to limited resources and technical complexity. Because of their history and contribution to pop culture the dip & dunk photo booth should be at the top of any photography purist rental list.



The vintage digital photo booth is designed to blend the look, feel, and experience of the classic dip & dunk with the benefits and flexibility of digital technology. These machines can be created by refurbishing original photo booths and replacing the inner workings with modern equipment, or they can be built new by professional manufacturing companies.

Similar to classic photo booths vintage digital models shine at capturing the personality of individual users as well as intimate and fun moments between lovers and friends. The speed and personalization of these photo booths make them ideal for private celebrations and the easily customized photo strips make them a favorite for company events and corporate promotions.

Because of their weight and solid construction some models cannot be safely transported up stairs or across soft ground without special accommodations. Others however incorporate clever design to allow access to harder to reach locations. Those interested in the vintage digital photo booth experience should always consult with an industry professional to ensure their venue is accessible and preferred model available.

Sometimes referred to as “pipe & drape” or “curtains” pop-up booths are the most common found today. Easily recognized by their full drape or partial drape design pop-ups have become popular because of their low cost (most if not all are home-made), ease of transportation (they are transported in pieces and assembled on site), and ability to take large group photos (sometimes ten or more).

With the increasing number of pop-up booths available in todays market pricing has become one of the most commonly used differentiating points between competitors- This of course comes as great benefit to consumers as low prices are not uncommon and a variety of options is available to choose from.

It should be noted that because these booths are home-made devices the quality of each is largely determined by the skill and creativity of the vendor. When considering this type of booth one should always seek references, request print samples, and ideally ask to see and test the booth in person to make sure they are comfortable with its looks, function, and build quality.

Those with a strong DIY attitude can also consider building their own pop-up booth for a fraction more than a rental would cost. The following resources can have any capable DIY’er on the way to creating their own booth in no time.

www.photoboothtalk.com - A forum discussing hardware & software topics.
www.breezesys.com - A popular choice of booth software.
www.instructables.com - A set of DIY photo booth instructions.


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